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I've had a passing fascination with object heads for a long while, and have been meaning to give this game a whirl ever since you gave me a follow (shortly after I submitted Pinkmatch for MFGJ 2019).

I'm happy to report it was worth the download! The protagonist has a very strong narrative voice written in a stream of consciousness style. Even when he was making VERY BAD DECISIONS, I never got too frustrated enough to outright dislike the experience. I enjoyed how he sometimes talked to the player and complained about this or that, and each of his thoughts naturally, logically flow from one to the next.

I appreciated how there was some lore of how tank heads came to be, without using blatant walls of exposition.

The on-screen visuals were quite good and helped set the game's tone, particularly the reasons #1 and reasons #2 text images.

It did feel grippingly sad once you hit the halfway point, even though I ultimately got (I think) a good ending.

I often felt like Rain -- wanting to reach out to Heiko, wanting to help, but ultimately helpless. Heiko doesn't listen, and I don't have the voice to speak after a while.

So I was pleasantly surprised to have the mailman in my ending though, and ended up with strangely hopeful feelings.

Which meant, of course, I would jump right back in and made Heiko run into traffic for my very next playthrough lmfao. 

Thank you for sharing this game. I'm looking forward to your next one, although I sort of distrust Roswell as a protagonist after I've spent this whole game viewing him through Heiko's non-existent eyes.  :)


Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! I'm very glad you enjoyed this game. 

Even after the long time that I've finished White Monday, it's still very important to me. I'm always excited to hear what people's experiences with it are! 

There's definitely reason to be wary of Ros, I'm looking forward to sending folks on that next journey as soon as possible. :D


It's brief, it's sad, and it gets to the point.
It's like watching a jenga tower fall down after one wrong move.
It's like the culmination of all your mistakes happening all at once.
For this guy, it was Monday.

Relatable characters, simple visuals, and the right music at the right time makes White Monday stick with you, long after you've turned off the computer screen.

Kudos to arty!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comment!