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[Visual Novel | Drama | Rated R]

Content Warnings: Contains explicit depictions of drug (ab)use, nudity, and suicidal ideation. Contains coarse language and references to self-harm as well as sexual topics. Graphic visuals can be turned off in the settings of the game.

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You know those days when you should have just stayed in bed? Those days that end up being a total shitshow? “But Heiko,“ you say, “your whole life‘s a shitshow.“ Well, you‘re not wrong. However, I can confidently say that what you‘re gonna witness this time is really gonna take the cake.

The whole thing already starts off grand - I have to find out that my girlfriend has only been pretending to pay our bills, lately. The reason? We‘re broke. Literally and totally broke. Which may be my fault. Now you‘re probably expecting me to say, “I go ahead and try to fix this, but of course make it worse.“ Almost true. Except that I manage to make it worse even without any serious fixing attempts. And as if that wasn‘t bad enough, there‘s also that creepy VHS tape I got in the mail ...

Just a word of warning: My story isn‘t for the faint of heart. There‘s some upsetting shit happening. You have to expect stuff like existential dread and sexy moments, and last but not least, lots of cocaine. Basically, if you‘re the type of person who can‘t look away when they see a giant train wreck, you‘re (probably) gonna love this.


  • ca. 16,000  words
  • ca. 50 minutes playtime
  • 60+ background images and illustrations
  • 50+ sprites
  • A few choices that matter
  • Three endings
  • English and German language options
  • Image Gallery
  • Voiced dialogue


  • 1.0: Release
  • 1.1: Fixed some weirdness with the message window and timing, fixed a sound effect
  • 1.2: Improved German translation, changed some sprites, added new background
  • 1.2.1: Fixed some typos in the German version
  • 1.3: Added extras gallery. For now it holds images.
  • 1.4: Added completely new, independent neutral ending with new CGs and music. Fixed issue with credits not displaying properly.
  • 1.5: Voice acting, new CG, fixes in the German translation, minor code changes

Install instructions

Once you've downloaded the archive file, unpack its content into a folder in a location of your choosing. Inside the unpacked folder, there's an exe file. That's the game.


To update the game with a new version, simply delete the old game folder and unpack the new one in the same location.


White Monday 1.5 151 MB

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It's brief, it's sad, and it gets to the point.
It's like watching a jenga tower fall down after one wrong move.
It's like the culmination of all your mistakes happening all at once.
For this guy, it was Monday.

Relatable characters, simple visuals, and the right music at the right time makes White Monday stick with you, long after you've turned off the computer screen.

Kudos to arty!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comment!