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A weird alternate universe adventure where the tankpeople are humanpeople and their tankpeople selves are their other-dimensional doppelgangers...?

Also they're animal-themed. And it's a fantasy world. There's magic. Uhh.

The plot: One day, Heiko's girlfriend Lisa suddenly gets kidnapped by elite soldiers. She is drafted into the ongoing war between their nation and the neighboring country, because she is one of the few users of a special kind of magic. Heiko doesn't know what to do, but then Lisa's best friend Masha shows up and she convinces him to try to get her back... with the help of his magical doppelganger.


There's not really any reason or elaborate background to this game. I've owned RPG Makers since forever and never made anything with them, so I figured I'd try to do that. So if anything, this is a bit of a "playground" where I mess with the engine, and a bit of game is tacked on top of it.

What you see here is only a "demo", which includes some story/quests and a few fights, but not much else yet. It was actually created months ago but I never got around finishing it or working on it more, so probably don't expect any new content or updates for this anytime soon. I'm just putting it up cause some friends asked about it!

Install instructions

Unzip the archived file you downloaded. There's a "Game.exe" file inside. That's the game (who would have guessed)! Credits for the used assets can be found in the "Assets Credits" text file.


VOID CROSSED - Demo#1 229 MB

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