Took me long enough, but I now managed to compile all the files for this major update. Version 1.5 of the game makes a huge difference, because:

The dialogue is now voiced!

Big thanks go out to all the people who contributed (some even free of charge) to make this happen.

Other changes include:

  • minor changes in code structure
  • further fixes in the German translation
  • a new CG

WHITE MONDAY continues to be on my mind, and I'm really excited to have taken this big step. Who knows what else the future will bring for this game.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed it, why not check out my other game, which is currently in development? HATE is a 4 Letter Word will be a Visual Novel that also features object heads, and a few characters we already know from WHITE MONDAY. You can stay up to date on the development process here.

If you have a discord account, don't hesitate to join my official Tank Heads Niche server! We talk about the games there.



White Monday 1.5 151 MB
Nov 18, 2019


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